Five and Fifty

Bite-sized projects for hungry minds

Week 19 – Omok (Renju/Gomoku)

For this week's challenge I discovered a traditional Asian board game called Omok.

A beginner’s guide to Omok – The best 1000 year old game you’ve never played

My strategy guide to the game Omok, a part of 5 and 50 week 19.

Week 18 – Acro Yoga

Part yoga, part dance, part exercise, Acro Yoga is a perfect activity to learn with your partner.

Week 17 – A 2000 Piece Puzzle

A big jigsaw puzzle is an extremely underrated date night idea.

Week 16 – Slacklining

With the help of a guideline, slacklining turned out to be a much easier hobby to pick up than I ever would have expected.

Week 15 – An Original Song

After years of excuses I finally complete and share an original song!

Week 14 – My First Attempt at Stand-Up Comedy

I take a stab at stand-up comedy and perform at my first open mic night. Warning: My act contains adult material and may induce cringing.

Week 13 – An Original Short Story

Aleco writes an original short story in 5 hours.

Week 12 – Get the Picture?

I've long hated both being in and posing for pictures, but in this week's challenge I do my best to learn how to take a nice shot.

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