Week 6 – The Fiverr Challenge

Total Cost: 6-11 dollars per service

Total Time: 3 hours

Fiverr.com as a website where people from all of the world can sign up to offer a wide range of services. The twist? Most services offered on Fiverr cost 5 bucks (plus a one dollar service charge), which means you can order pseudo-professional quality services for less money than you’d pay the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn.

The idea of a low cost, low time commitment, high yield service fits perfectly in line with 5 and 50’s philosophy. I wanted to see just how much I could pimp out the 5 and 50 brand using 50 bucks or less on Fiverr.

I spent an hour poking around the site and saving all links to all the services I was interested in, then paired down the list to fit into the 50 dollar budget. When I finished selecting my favorite services I was sitting at a cool 46 bucks. Purely for my own entertainment, I decided to spend 6 more dollars to have a psychic in Isreal cast a powerful spell on me. Here’s a list of all the services I ended up paying for:

  1. 2 “Magnificent” Logos – 11 dollars
  2. 5 Video Intros – 6 dollars
  3. “Warm, smooth, American” voice over – 6 dollars
  4. Search Engine Optimization for a blog – 11 dollars
  5. Drive traffic to a Youtube video – 6 dollars
  6. Drive “Unlimited” genuine traffic to a website – 6 dollars
  7. An extremely powerful Kabbalah spell to make my wish come true – 6 dollars

Each service I ordered was completed by the promised time, and more less delivered exactly what they were promising. That said, some of the services were worth way more than the cost I payed while a few of the others may not have been worth my money.

If you’re interested in using Fiverr, my recommendation is stick to services which have clearly defined inputs and outputs. The voice over service is a great example of this. I send him a list of things to say (clear input), and he sends me an audio file where he says those things (clear output). Services like this almost always come with a few free revisions, so if you’re not happy with the way something was done you can request it to be done a little differently. The voice over, the video intros, and the logo designs were the 3 Fiverr services I was most happy with, and I don’t think its a coincidence that these were the three services I ordered which promised to deliver tangible results (audio files, video files, and image files).

The other services I ordered were a little more vague with what they promised to deliver. For example, the SEO service I ordered promised to do “on-page SEO for my homepage”, but did not promise to actually increase my blog’s page rank. At the end of the day he did set up some SEO stuff for my blog, but when I search for “5 and 50” on google my blog isn’t anywhere to be found. He did what he promised but I’m not seeing anything in the way of actual results.

The same can be said for the service I ordered to drive traffic to one of my Youtube videos. They promised to add about 1000 views to a video of my choice, and that they did. However, its questionable at best if any results will come from this. Though my video now has 1300 more views than it did before, I didn’t receive a single like, dislike, or new subscription as a result of the views. The service did what was promised (add 1000 views to my video) but at the end of the day I don’t expect to see any actual benefits from it.

Going forward, I’m only going to be ordering services from Fiverr which promise to deliver something which is very clearly defined. There are plenty of artists, musicians, and writers on Fiverr who I’d expect to deliver exactly what they advertise.

If you’re interested in seeing how things went between me and the internet wizard who promised to make my wishes come true, I recommend you check out the video. In the video I show our entire correspondence on Fiverr, as well as the word document she sent me as “proof” that she cast the powerful Kabbalah spell. I was hoping to earn back the 6 dollars I spent to have a wizard cast a spell on me in entertainment value, and she didn’t disappoint.

At the end of the day, if you’re smart about which services you order on Fiverr I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better value for your money. I’ll certainly be returning to Fiverr in the future when I need something quick and dirty to get done on the cheap.

See you all next week!

– Aleco Pors

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