Week 8 – To the front page!


Total Time: All 5 hours

Total Cost: None

For week 8 I decided to undergo a true pass/fail challenge. Given only 5 hours of time, could I make the front page of reddit.com?

While last week’s challenge was best suited for a blog post, this week’s challenge ended up being more of a story than a learning experience and is best enjoyed on Youtube.

Now that the second month of my year long challenge is complete I’ll be moving on to a new theme for next month, “things I should really know how to do but don’t”. I fully anticipate that a couple of the things I’ll be attempting to learn next month will be totally obvious to the vast majority of you. For example, I’ve somehow manage to survive to age 25 without learning how to swallow pills. Its well past time that comes to an end, and my hope is that you can all enjoy my struggle.

See you all next week,

Aleco Pors

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