Week 15 – An Original Song

Total Cost: None (but really, years of practice and music lessons)

Total Time: Full 5 hours

Music has long been one my biggest hobbies. I’ve taken guitar, piano, and singing lessons over the years and fondly look back on my high-school rock band and reminisce about what could have been. Though I still sing and play guitar regularly I haven’t written an original piece of music in nearly 10 years. Every year or so I’ll get as far as finishing a guitar riff or writing a verse or two, but when push came to shove I’d get bogged down in the details and quit with a half-finished song.

Along with my project from week 11 where I learned to swallow pills, this week’s challenge was one of the very first ideas that popped into my head when I started coming up with potential 5 an 50 projects. Over the years I’d always give up on writing songs by making excuses for why my sucked, yet when I wasn’t writing a song I’d carry with me the confidence that “I could totally write a song if I really wanted to”. 5 and 50 is an opportunity for me to squash my cognitive dissonances and put my unproven confidences to the test, which makes this weeks challenge a big one for me.

Funnily enough, I went back to the ol’ comedy well to write something humorous and light-hearted instead of writing a more serious song I’d typically done in the past. I wanted to use some of the positive energy I’d built up over the last week instead of having to swim upstream to write something that would probably take itself too seriously.

I used some of the lessons I learned from the last few weeks to complete this one in my 5 hour time limit. To save on brainstorming time I stared with an idea I had already fleshed out previously but didn’t complete like in week 13. I spent the first few hours working out a melody and chord progression to go along with the lyrics I had written before, then spent the last few hours practicing and fiddling around with things until the finer details of the song came together.

My original song (titled “Heteroflexible”) is far from a masterpiece, but I’m proud of the melody and lyrics I was able to come up with on limited time, and even more proud of the fact that I finally completed a piece of music. This week has really reinforced for me that when it comes to conquering fears and nerves, the best medicine is to quit making excuses and “just do it”.

– Aleco Pors

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