Week 17 – A 2000 Piece Puzzle

Total Time – Eternity

Total Cost ~ 20 Dollars

In what might be the most boring blog post in 5 and 50’s 4 month history, for this week’s challenge my girlfriend and I decided to put together a 2000 piece puzzle! Above, you can see the results of our efforts after what was surely more than 5 hours of puzzling. I’m going to go ahead and skip the gripping story of how we assembled roughly 20% of a 2000 piece puzzle in 5 or more hours of time, and talk about why I chose to work on a massive puzzle this week instead of something a little more practical. The reason is simple (and likely groan-inducing). Love.

There has been no bigger supporter of my ridiculous quest for self-improvement and internet fame than my amazing girlfriend, Nayoung. Each week she has been my trusty companion and assistant, the woman the behind the curtains filming and taking pictures of everything, and constant motivator to keep pushing through projects when they start to get challenging. As a way of saying thanks to her I chose this month’s theme to be projects and activities which are best done with a partner. When I asked her what sort of activities she was interested in doing for 5 and 50 her first idea was to do a big puzzle together, which sounded like a ton of fun to me.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and addicting putting together a jigsaw puzzle was as a sober adult. Though we probably should have chosen one half the size of the one we did if our goal was to actually finish it before our 5 hours were up, I felt like we got way more than our money’s worth of the $18.76 we spent on the puzzle. You could easily blow that much money on a few drinks or appetizers at a restaurant and only get an hour or less of enjoyment out of them, but the puzzle provided us (and is still providing us) with hours of fun. There’s an extremely satisfying feeling you get from clicking a piece into place which is immediately followed by a desire to feel it again, which makes the process of putting together a puzzle somewhat addicting. Puzzles are a perfect way to spend a few evening with your partner.


Aleco Pors

P.S. – As an added bonus for this week’s short challenge, here’s a video of myself walking the maximum length of my slackline, which is quite a bit harder than catching and drinking a beer in the middle of a short one. This took me an hour and a half of practice to be able to nail consistently.

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