Week 18 – Acro Yoga

Total Cost – 24 Dollars for a 1.5 hour Yoga Class for 2

Total Time – 4 to 5 Hours

Acro Yoga is one of the many activities I’ve been meaning to try since reading the book Tools of Titans┬áby Tim Ferris. Widely regarded as a healthy way to build strength and flexibility, to me the biggest appeal to Acro Yoga is that looks fucking awesome:

Part yoga, part dance, part exercise, and a perfect activity to learn with your partner.

My girlfriend and I set out to learn Acro Yoga by attending an “all levels” class at a local Yoga studio, something we would not recommend to anyone else attempting to learn Acro from square one. The concepts the class tried to cover after the first 5 minutes were so far beyond our abilities that we couldn’t move beyond the first exercise, and the third person we were paired up with was essentially tasked with being our instructor for the whole class instead of getting a chance to learn anything new themselves. We were certainly able to pick up a few basic concepts and get our feet wet by attending the class, but we were actually able to make far more progress by watching youtube videos at home and trying things out ourselves.

If you’re interested in learning Acro, we recommend going to a strictly beginner class or joining a meet-up group. Having someone who knows what they’re doing with you to point out basic tips is a huge help, but it wasn’t fundamentally necessary for us to get the ball rolling. Even with our limited Yoga experience, we were still able to piece together the basic moves in the following video by searching for the different poses by name and watching tutorials online:

Though we both felt great after mastering some of the basic poses, I don’t think I’d recommend an Acro Yoga class as a “date night” idea. Its obviously challenging to pick up and requires both partners to work together harmoniously, which means its easy to start a blame chain for who’s not pulling their weight when something goes wrong. That said, once you’ve got the poses down the act of practicing them is both great exercise and a tremendous bonding experience. Nayoung and I were both very proud of each other for learning the poses in the above video and felt like Acro Yoga was a great way to build trust in our relationship. It only took us 4 hours to learn what felt to us like challenging and interesting poses, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a couple with more Yoga experience than us could learn these poses much faster than we could.

Even if you don’t have a partner to start Acro with, I found Acro to be enough fun and good enough exercise that I’d be happy to go to a group meet-up for it alone (we also both remarked after our group class together that it would probably be a great way to meet people if we were single). Yoga people tend to be friendly and open enough to help others without making you feel bad for being a beginner, so I wouldn’t worry too much about feeling embarrassed about not knowing what you’re doing.

Nayoung and I would both highly recommend searching for Acro Yoga classes or meetups in your area! We’ll certainly be practicing and learning new moves in the near future.

– Aleco and Nayoung

P.S. Due to the difficulty of filming ourselves outside on a rainy day we have not created a video of us doing Acro Yoga yet. Look forward to this video in the near future!

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