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  1. I’m not saying I give you all the credit, but I did reach rank 15 (from rank 20) in an hour of play. It’s not the first time i’ve done it but I must admit, it was significantly faster than usual. Also, I have na unfair disadvantage to most, since I’m part of the team who made the Metagame Clock (I’m the visual artist). Tank you and have a nice day, I’ll be waiting or your next chapter!

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    1. If you’re interested in when the next article comes out, I believe the easiest way to do that is to follow this blog on wordpress. I haven’t set up anything like an email list yet (which reminds me I probably should). Thanks for the interest!


  2. I loved your article, can’t wait for part two. May I ask how many parts will there be, and what will the second one be about? Just to get a little overview on what will be on plate.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I plan on having there be four parts, and have already started part two (I’m maybe 50% finished?). Part two is about “having a plan” and “playing to your outs”. I taught the big picture idea of what you should be planning across an entire game in part one, so its time to dive into the details more and figure out how to sequence shorter groups of time.


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