Submission Guidelines

Here are the rules for a 5 and 50 project:

  1. The project took you no more than 5 hours to complete. I recommend setting at timer while you work on it, as some reasonable proof needs to be provided in regards to the length of the project. If your project took you 5 hours and 30 minutes that’s probably fine, but anything in the 6 hour range is out.
  2. It cost you no more than 50 dollars (USD). The price of physical goods in the 5 and 50 is determined by their price on or similar websites (not including the cost of shipping). Submissions must include a link to each item that money was spent on. If you have a really cool project but there’s no way to lower the cost below 59 dollars, I’ll probably let that slide.
  3. Time spent on preparing for the project (such as reading the submission or watching provided youtube videos) does not count towards the 5 hours of time. The 5 hours are defined as “execution time”, or time spent on working towards the completion of the project or challenge.
  4. As far as the actual content of a 5 and 50 is concerned, there are no restrictions for what the topic of a 5 and 50 can be. They may be as narrow in application as the project designer chooses (projects may be very personal in nature), and are allowed to contain non-pornographic material with adult implications. That said, submissions which contain or encourage violence, racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination will not be accepted, as well as submissions which needlessly encourage illegal activities.
  5. Stricter submission guidelines for blog posts, podcasts, and videos are still being worked on. Stay tuned!