About the Author

Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Aleco Pors and this website is the official home of all my writing work.

I’m currently travelling around the world and have lived in South Korea, Australia, and Malaysia in the past year. I studied computer science in college and am a lifelong gamer and technophile, so most of my writing will be about travelling, technology, and gaming.

I recently decided to quit my day job and focus on writing full-time. I earn a very modest living by writing paid articles for other blogs, through Amazon Affiliate links on this website, and from the support of my readers. At the moment I’m very interested in taking on additional paid writing projects, so if you’re interested in my writing services please send me an email at aleco.pors@gmail.com.

If you’d like to support me please consider donating or following one of my Amazon Affiliate links and making a purchase on Amazon.com. If you purchase a product on Amazon after clicking on one of the links on this site I earn a small commission on each purchase.

The name for the website, 5 and 50, comes from a project I started while living in Korea to launch my career as a writer and content creator. The 5 is short for “5 hours” and the 50 is short for “50 bucks”. For 20 weeks I blogged about a new project each week, each one costing me no more than 50 dollars and no more than 5 hours to complete. Originally intended to be a year-long challenge, I stopped releasing weekly 5 and 50 blogs after I started accepting paid writing work.