5 and 50 is short for “5 hours and 50 dollars”. Every project and challenge you’ll find on this website is designed to be completed in 5 hours or less and for 50 dollars or less. It began as a year-long project for myself, Aleco Pors, as a fun way to encourage personal growth while documenting my travels and developing my content creation skills. Beginning on February 25th, 2017, I committed to completing one 5 and 50 each week until this date next year, and to make a weekly video and blog post to document my results for each one.

I quickly realized that 5 and 50 was such an accessible format for projects that I expanded the focus of the project to encourage others to create their own 5 and 50s. Readers and fans of the project are encourage to submit their own completed blog posts, videos, and projects to 5and50blog@gmail.com, and an our subreddit.