Five and Fifty

Bite-sized projects for hungry minds

Week 11 – I’m 25 and I just learned how to swallow a pill

At age 25 I finally learned how to swallow pills, though I'm still not entirely over my fear of pills. In this post I reflect on 5 and 50 as a format.

Week 10 – Eggstravaganza

It doesn't take as long as you think to learn how to cook one of the world's most popular breakfast foods in 10 different ways.

Week 9 – The Googles

We all use Google, but how many of us have taken the time to learn how to do it well?

Week 8 – To the front page!

Aleco has 5 hours to make the front page of Can it be done?

Week 7 – Double your reading speed!

If you could double your reading speed in just one hour, how many more books could you read this year? Aleco does just that in this week's 5 and 50 challenge.

Week 6 – The Fiverr Challenge

Fiverr is a website which offers just about any service you can imagine for 5 dollars. How much can you get done for your brand with 50 bucks?

Week 5 – The Wim Hof Challenge

Wim "The Iceman" Hof claims his incredible feats can be accomplished by anyone, so long as they practice the "Wim Hof Method". Aleco dives head first into the icy waters of the Wim Hof method and reports back on his results.

Week 4 – Learn to Draw

Though you may not become the next Picasso in just 5 hours, "5 and 50" is plenty of time and money to level up your art skills and learn the basics of drawing.

Week 3 – The Dramatic One Eyebrow Raise

Learning how to dramatically raise one eyebrow is the best investment of time than any person can make.

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